High Point Trip October 2015

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High Point Trip October 2015

Postby Tom » Sun Oct 25, 2015 11:43 am

High Pointing Trip – October 2015

Summary: 8 High points (VA, NC, SC, GA, TN, KY, IN, OH), 2500 miles of driving, 50 or so beers tried (not all pints!), 15 brewpubs, TONS of amazing views, great weather, 44 state license plates (Plus 6 'others'), lots of friendly people!

Long Version (Narration by Laurie):

10/16: Dinner at Al's/Pizza Boys in Enola PA - 101 beers on tap! We had their Keystoner and Murren River IPAs.

10/17: Hiked Mount Rogers, the Virginia State High Point. 8.8 Mile Round trip.

Visited Damascus Brewing, traded a Saranac 6er growler for a Virginia growler. The Blazing Black IPA was wonderful! Enjoyed the IPA and talking with people from Delaware and Philadelphia. http://www.thedamascusbrewery.com/ They recommended we visit Johnson City Brewing in Tennessee.

Met Eric Latham the Brewer (also an author of the book Take Steps with a Purpose). Small facility with a need to move the tables aside 2 days per week for brewing on their 3 kettle system. Beers were amazing! http://johnsoncitybrewing.com/

10/18: Drove to Mount Mitchell, the state high point. Short walk to the summit.

Stopped at Asheville Brewing Company had the pepper ale (Fire Escape), and a great Shiva IPA. They serve pretzels with their samplers, great idea!

Drove down to Sassafras, the high point of SC in the afternoon. Short walk to the summit.

On our way back to NC for the night we stopped at Open Brewing in South Asheville, http://www.obrewing.com/ and enjoyed a toasted coconut porter and a citrus saison.

10/19: We drove to Georgia to Brasstown Bald, the state high point. .6 mile walk each way.

On our way back to SC we stopped at Blue Ridge Brewery for lunch and a pint of pumpkin saison.

Another night spent at Cherokee NC where the county is dry (aside from the Casino) and we picked up a few brews at the local store, a Kentucky IPA from Alltech's in Lexington and a New Belgium Brewing Ranger IPA from Colorado, because we liked the name and the label design.

10/20: .5 miles hike to Frying Pan fire tower.

Asheville Brew marathon! We were very glad that beer is so reasonably priced and sold in half pints! We visited L.A.B. (Lexington Avenue Brewery) where we had a 5 Star IPA, a great raspberry porter on Nitro, and a pumpkin brown spice beer and a great plate of nachos. At LAB we met a couple from Chicago doing the same thing we were doing in terms of pub crawling.

Then off to Wicked Weed where we had Pernicious IPA, Randall the Way Pale Ale, Freak of Nature Double IPA, Pumpkanne, and Pear Fig IPA. All were delicious though the Pear Fig IPA may have had a bit too much cardamom. We met Eric and Carla who had traveled from Florida, Eric for a residency job interview, Carla to join him pub crawling and camping afterward!

On to Funkatorium next where we were proofed by some customers! One turned out to be from Saugerties! They were associated with the pub across the street. At the Funk we tried their Bombadile, Brett Tyranny, a brettanomyces Red IPA and Silencio, the coffee hops raspberry sour. We had a great cheese plate to help with the tasty beers.

Then across the street to Twin Leaf that Selena and Beth (above) worked at. There Tom took on the Jenga tower and did well. For beer, we had the Straight out of Concord Belgian Ale, the 144 Juicy Fruit IPA, the Reflector Pale Ale, the Full Suspension Oatmeal IPA, and the Straight Jacket Double Black IPA. I really like the Belgian, was not too fond of the Oatmeal IPA.

Down the Street to Catawba (also brews in Morgantown) where the Firewater IPA, the Bootie Beer Session (best), Pyranha Brown IPA, and the Nose Session IPA were tasted.

Then to GreenMan where we had Green Man IPA.

Finally around the corner to Burial where there was a very interesting décor and atmosphere (dark themed/Haloween?) and The Slasher made with sweet potatoes and the Pipe Hawk IPA.

10/20: Drove to Tennessee. On the way, drove past a bull elk lying in a field. A bit further along there was another bigger bull with a harem of cows. Great sight in NC!

We drove to the Tennessee State High Point, Clingman's Dome. .6 mile walk each way on paved trail.

Then on to Black Mountain the high point of Kentucky. .1 miles walk each way.

We picked up some beers at the local liquor store where we could mix and match a six pack, but we were not able to reach any of the TN or KY brew pubs with the drive time we had.

10/21: Off to Indiana to visit the state high point, just a small hill next to a heavily fertilized field. Very short walk. The Attack of the Lady Bugs happened here! They were swarming around us and the car! Several clung to the car for a half hour at highway speed! We were still brushing them out of the car the next day!

On to Ohio to visit that high point, at a vo-tech school. Very short walk to the summit.

Arrived in Columbus in time for the dinner hour. Here we visited Barley's brewing for dinner and enjoyed a couple of IPA's.

Then off to Gordon Biersch for their Belgian IPA and their house IPA.

We finished up the evening at Elevator with 3 Frogs IPA and their Session IPA. They have a great, historic building that their establishment is housed in.

10/22: Traveled to Morgantown where we were able to share lunch with a friend at Morgantown Brewing Company and then off to Martinsburg to visit family where we took a growler of the Morgantown IPA with us.

This puts both of us over 250 Brewpubs visited!
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