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New Mexico

Postby Woolybear » Thu Feb 14, 2013 8:30 pm

Mike and his brother Pete will be doing a week+ in NM later this year. Per request I've started to put together a NM V&B's list. This is a working list of course. Sadly there are several places that did not make the cut. Some for not brewing on site (or not brewing on site at all locations), others for not having food made on site - provided by others (situations kinda like Olde Saratoga Brewing were you can get food delivered to the tap room).
I got a few months to iron out some of the details :wink: .
Well head (SE)
Pecan Grill (S)
High Desert Brewing (S)
Mimbres Valley (SW)
Silver City Brewing (SW)?
Three Rivers (NW)
eskes brewpub (N)
Toas Mesa Brewing (N)
Toas Ale House (N)
Blue Corn cafe and Brewery (Santa Fe)
Second St (Santa Fe) - (the only one of there locations that counts)
Turtle Mt (Albuquerque metro area)
Corrales Bistro Brewery (Albuquerque metro area)
Bosque (Albuquerque metro area)
Chama River (Albuquerque metro area)
Badass Brewery (Albuquerque metro area)
Nexus (Albuquerque metro area)
Il Vicino canteen (Albuquerque metro area)
Kelleys (Albuquerque metro area)
Sandia Chile Grill (Albuquerque metro area)
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Re: New Mexico

Postby Tom » Fri Feb 15, 2013 9:50 am

Once again, good stuff! :toast:

I appreciate all these lists.

For now, however, I am not going to create a new state page, unless you want to do it (How's Mains coming? :twisted: ), or there is a lot of activity, or I win the MegaMillions! :D
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Re: New Mexico

Postby Woolybear » Fri Feb 15, 2013 3:04 pm

No one needs to worry about a new state page for NM until someone gets out there. Or Ohio until someone starts getting close (maybe Paula). This is just laying the groundwork. Wish i could get out to NM with the guys but not possible. Maybe next year for V&B's Wisconsin.
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