The One Mile Per Beer Equation

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The One Mile Per Beer Equation

Postby Laurie » Mon Feb 03, 2014 12:46 pm

One beer per mile equation (or what we have been doing lately to keep up with Views and Brews NY)

Cave Mountain – Windham: We started off the late fall/winter season with the hiking side of Views and Brews by joining Tim Adams of Cave Mountain for a nice, snowy 7 mile hike to Blackhead and Blackdome. We've been trying to get a chance to get out with Tim since he opened Cave Mt Brewing and it was a picture perfect day up on the Blackhead range with nice views, great conditions underfoot, and awesome company. Back at the pub afterward we were rewarded as always with an amazing list of beers to choose from. While a small operation, Tim's always putting something new out there (often a bit daring) along with his standard beers. I had to drive so decided on the new smoked porter – very nicely done, not like eating a campfire as some are and the standard American IPA that was perfection as always! Tim keeps the food fresh and thoughtfully adds some new items from time to time. We satisfied our post hike hunger without difficulty and hope to join Tim and some of his other staff on a mountain again soon.

Dutch Ale House – Saugerties: We visited the Dutch as they were hosting a Holiday Party for the Saugerties Lighthouse where we volunteer in the summer. The Lighthouse nature trail is free and just one mile long out to the lighthouse and back, so we recommend it as one of the hikes for the Dutch. It takes you right out to the edge of the Hudson River, now covered in ice where bald eagles are often seen. In warmer months you may choose to swim there. The Dutch had their own IPA on tap along with several guest beers. They served up some great food for the Lighthouse Conservancy get together.

Crossroads – Athens: En route to a holiday get together with relatives around Albany we did a couple of quick, short hikes on a lovely early winter day. We checked out the infamous Poets Walk, a historical scenic Hudson property that I had never visited before. While the trails were thoughtfully laid out and there was some impressive structures on the sight, I was a bit disappointed that the trail does not go right to the edge of the Hudson. Also disappointing was the number of canine owners who use the trail and do not clean up after their pets! From there on to Olana, where we walked a few more miles around the grounds of this impressive property, along the Lake and around the farm, totaling about 6 miles – wetting our appetite for the one mile per beer equation and a visit back across the river at Crossroads! Hutch always keeps his beer list moving and for the holiday there was a great Yukon Cornelious to be tasted along with a pint of the always great Outrage IPA! Wish we could have stayed longer!

Gilded Otter – New Paltz: With a little holiday shopping to be done, we made a quick stop at the Otter. We need to check in every so often and keep the dust off our mugs. On this day, we filled them with IPA. You can get your milage in for this pub by walking on the Wallkill Valley railtrail that can be found right outside the door! You can choose to either walk north or south, with some great views and rivers alongside – always a treat.

Mill Street – Poughkeepsie: Tom has gotten to stop by this newly opened pub a few times for lunch, but I had yet to get the opportunity. When we found ourselves with a few free hours one Sunday, we decided it was my turn! Lots of parking (always a plus in Poughkeepsie), a nice beer selection, a tasty menu line up, and a nice facility. They were unfortunately out of the IPA, but I enjoyed a sampler of their brews and choose a pint of Stout, which was rich and roasty. We chatted with one of the owners while there and he was happy to hear about Views and Brews promoting his place! While the obvious walk is the Walkway over the Hudson, another option that we wanted to check out was the new Illinois Mountain area in Highland. While still under construction, there are three trails completed to choose from and great views of the river through the trees. There trails very thoughtfully wind around through the woods and over small streams, and next to tall ledges with lots of deer sign. We covered six miles.

Newburgh Brewing – Newburgh: Newburgh hosts a trivia contest on Wednesday evenings. Despite the cold, it is good to get out and warm up the brain, so mid January's sub zero temps found us looking at the beer menu in Newburgh. There are so many beers on the board, it is hard to see what's new, but fb told us the Imperial Stout was on this evening! We started with a pint of that, some rosemary fries (have to HAVE) and got acquainted with some lineman to form a team for the contest. Winning round one, won us a free beer and I tried the spruce tip porter. What an interesting beer – you would swear you had just stuck your head in a Christmas tree as it nears your nose, but then there is this lovely mixture of flavors – piney, mint, chocolate, licorice – wow a feast for the tastebuds! Hiking for this trip had happened earlier in the week with some Catskill high peaks, so no new reports from nearby on that front.

Keegan Ales – Kingston: Tommy hosts a trivia contest at his place on Tuesday evenings. We try to visit when we can, again it keeps the brain warmed up in winter! On this chilly evening we had our favorite Black Eye IPA and Jo Mama Coffee Stout to keep hydrated. We teamed up with a very nice young couple and The Young and the Old won round one and a free beer. The Black Eye is so tasty, why not have a second one? I did! Again, our hiking for this happened earlier in the week with some Catskill high peaks, all ice covered and hoping for some snow!

Council Rock Brewing – Cooperstown: Now this was a special trip to a fairly new brewery on 1-24-14. Our new grandson, Landon was born in Cooperstown on this date! Our hiking for this trip was pacing and waiting! I am not sure how many miles we covered, but there were plenty! Celebrating his birth with a stop at Council Rock to raise a pint as this was a new pub for us seemed fitting. We got the sampler and simply a burger, but the crowd that was filling in around us all were there for the Friday night Fish Fry – a local treat! The beers were good – I liked the Full Nelson, we got to meet the owner who started out as a home brewer and is a chemistry teacher, a great background for this business! The place is named for the Council Rock, the headwaters of the Susquehanna river that can be found near Otsego Lake. Glimmerglass state park can be found there as well – a good place to get in your views! Looking forward to lots of walks with little Landon!

So if any of you have been keeping track, the equation of one mile of views for one pint of beer is not working well for me. I am falling seriously behind. Perhaps it is the beauty of the winter woods in New York that is pulling the equation in that direction – and from the sound of the weather forecast, it will be much snowier soon. Perhaps it is the awesome number of pubs we are lucky to have in New York. We have one more pub on the schedule for next week, Brown's in Troy. There is more Catskill high peak hiking going on this weekend which will likely involve a brewery stop afterward. At the end of the month, we are planning on heading north for a few hikes, more pubs to check in on. Ah, the fun continues! You should join us! You support local and your support small business as well!

And if you want more of the pubs – check out TAP NY, coming up on April 26th and 27th.
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Re: The One Mile Per Beer Equation

Postby Tom » Tue Feb 04, 2014 10:44 am

You gotta love a woman like that! :D
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