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Trapp Family

Postby Bigfoot » Sun Oct 06, 2013 8:23 pm

Today was Trapp Family Brewing.

We hiked along the cross country ski trails from the lodge. We had a bit of rain but dodged the real heavy stuff. How can you not enjoy being outside during the first weekend of October in Vermont? It was a good little hike. We made our way up to the cabin road and due to the threat of the weather decided to head back down.

When we reached the brew pub we found we needed to order prior to finding a table. They had a respectable list of soup and sandwiches. They were out of the pulled pork and had an "oh well" attitude. We ordered and were told someone would come to our table when the sandwiches were ready. Once we selected a table I headed for the bar to order a couple of glasses of beer. They had 4 available. They are all lagers. I had a Dunkel and Gypsy had the Oktoberfest. The bartender was obviously not a beer person. They served the beer in ceramic mugs so I could not see the brew. In a supposed 16 oz mug the probably poured (and I watched may pours) 12 oz. Two mugs cost $14.43 without tip. I did go back and try the amber. In the end the beer was OK.

Then a guy came to the table and said we could get up and get our lunch. He walked to the table but could not be bothered to carry the tray of food to us. As tables became available cleaning them was not a top priority and they had quite a few people working but not doing much.

I resist being less than positive but the Trapp Brewery lacks imagination in the beer they produce and they strive to serve the tourists. It is certainly not a destination for beer lovers. They need to serve the beer in a glass so we can see it and fill the glass to the top. They would do well to better serve their customers too. The sound of music in the Vermont mountains is not enough. I am not in a hurry to return.

Oh well it is one more checked off the list.

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