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Postby Bigfoot » Sun Oct 06, 2013 7:58 pm

Well a couple of weeks ago we headed for Mt Tom. It was an overcast day but being fall it was hard to be anything but a good day. We hiked from the north side and wandered around many of the trails just enjoying being out there. We really had no destination in mind.

Then it was off to Long Trail for the hard to take, mandatory beer. I have done numerous hikes followed by a beer at Long Trail but this was to be the official Views and Brews day. Long Trail does a good job with their food and the beer is better than most. I cannot recall the name of the series but they have added a higher end group of beer to their selection. The Imperial Pumpkin was quite good. I always look forward to ending my day at Long Trail in Vermont as I look forward to doing the same at Woodstock Inn in New Hampshire. My car can drive its self to both. As usual I had to have a Double Bag and then try the seasonal regular Pumpkin. If I did not have to drive I would have liked to start at one end of the taps and work my way around to the other end.

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Re: Longtrail

Postby Laurie » Mon Oct 07, 2013 6:44 am

Yes, that is the one difficulty with Views and Brews, the DD.

Sounds like a nice day!
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