A trip to the Northern VT brewpubs

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A trip to the Northern VT brewpubs

Postby redshorts47 » Sun Jan 20, 2013 4:30 pm

We drive up to Stowe with a friend and his son to climb Mandfield. Despite the cruddy weather prediction it turned out to be a beautiful day with a high cloud ceiling and views everywhere. We started up the Long Trail at 10am and took the Profanity trail to the ridge and then to the summit. A perfect day to climb Mansfield and the butt sliding conditions on the way down were perfect.

After our hike we went to the Trapp Family brewery. Knowing ahead of time that this was one that was going to suck because all they brew is Lagers I wasn't all that excited. Nice little place. We decided to share a pint which didn't look like a full pint and that later turned out to be a good thing. However $7.22 for this small mug of beer was crazy. We had the whatever it was lager and the first sip triggered my gag reflex. I was ready to go after that but the wife insisted we finish it.

Next up was the Vermont Pub and Brewery. Since it was 4:30pm we got seated right away. We had some food and their cask IPA. Both were very good. They had some experimental one that looked really good but I passed on it knowing we had several other places yet to visit.

We headed over to Three Needs. Couldn't find it and strolled into the pub at 205 Collge street and asked. Three Needs recently moved to a new location on 185 Pearl street a few blocks up. Nice looking place, good tap list, however with the recent move they've yet to begun brewing back up again. They said by summer they will be. Selected the Fiddlehead IPA because I knew the brewery was just south of here. Wow, great IPA! Gotta check that place out!

Then it was into Zero Gravity. We were going to stop here and have some dessert but the wait for a table was about an hour. We decided just to share a pint of their IPA at the bar. Another really good IPA, little less so then fiddleheads. Great looking place with the fireplace and the brick oven. Will have to come back some time when it's not so crowded.

We then decided to check out Fiddleheads seeing we were going to drive right past it on the way home. We got there and saw that they make pizzas in their own brick oven. Siobhan started texting Tom the news as we went into the tasting room. Siobhan then heard a familiar voice. To our surprise it was Laurie :D. Well, maybe not that surprised seeing we bumped into them at a brewery. Got some IPA to go along with some pint glasses and visited with Tom, Laurie, and their friend Kerry next door where they make the pizzas. Tom said it is actually two different companies that share the same space which let you bring your growlers in the restaurant and they even have a full size fridge full of frosty Fiddlehead pint glasses for you to use. What a great way to end a trip to VT! Very happy that Fiddleheads is now on the list :D :toast:
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Re: A trip to the Northern VT brewpubs

Postby Tom » Sun Jan 20, 2013 7:17 pm

It will be soon! :D Good pizza, good beer!
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Re: A trip to the Northern VT brewpubs

Postby Woolybear » Sun Jan 20, 2013 8:52 pm

Cool news on Fiddle heads. Seems everyone was having beer fun this past weekend.
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Re: A trip to the Northern VT brewpubs

Postby Laurie » Mon Jan 21, 2013 7:53 am

The Burlington beer scene is always fun, but always crowded. When we got back from hiking Abe and Ellen, we were debating heading downtown into the crowd or checking out Fiddleheads. I checked fb and found that Lee and Siobhan were nearby, and while they said the beer was good, it was crowded, so we decided on Fiddleheads. We were not disappointed in any way - great surprise to find our friends, good pizza, a wonderful IPA, and knowledgeable and friendly staff! Our "squealer" did not make it home to drink last night, though!
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