9-22-12 Otter Creek

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9-22-12 Otter Creek

Postby Woolybear » Sat Sep 22, 2012 8:08 pm

9-22-12 Otter Creek Brewing & Drop In Brewing
Paul S. (Woolybear)

This should have been an easier trip. It was an unnecessary trip really but Otter Creek had something I wanted. So a 3+ hr drive straight from work (after working all night) and I only made it as far as Lake George before things went wrong. As soon as I entered the Adirondack Park on the way over to Fort Ann my engine developed a loud rattle. Since it was quickly getting worse every mile I went I stopped and turned south to head to my Toyota dealership in Clifton Park. On route I called and they made space for me. So I figured the trip was shot at this point expecting there rest of the day to be taken up and expensive. Two hours later car was running fine and Toyota was confused as hell. When I go there the car sounded like it was going to exploded. As soon as they pulled away to take it to the shop the noise stopped and after a full check there was nothing wrong, thank you quantum physics. Well by the end off all of this it was 11am. So screw it try two at VT. I needed a beer but was happy the Toyota visit was free. This time after two more hours I found myself pulling into the parking lot of Otter Creek Brewing in Middlebury.
Otter Creek Brewing was nice. It has an interesting atmosphere with the dining area surrounded by the brewery. The public area is not very big. The food is about average the beer was not bad though a bit watered down. My major reason for getting up there asap was that they have growlers from The Shed. They took over some of The Shed’s beer lines when The Shed closed. In the process they also got some of their gear and growlers. I wanted one and after talking on facebook with them I found out they only had a small amount left so I was on my way. Anyone who was a fan of The Shed’s beer can get it here.
That done I drove to the other side of town to a new microbrewery (open only two months) called Drop In Brewing (almost right across the road from Battell Woods). They had four beers available (number five is on the way) and they are hop heavy. I only found one to be memorable and that was there Scottish ale (love of Lothian )a very strange and interesting ale. Interesting enough that I took a growler home though I think it can be refined a touch more.
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Re: 9-22-12 Otter Creek

Postby redshorts47 » Tue Oct 02, 2012 9:15 pm

Sounds like one hell of a trip. That Drop in Brewing sounds like my kind of place. I'm guessing they aren't a brewpub, bummer. The Otter Creek brewery sounds like a cool place to go visit. Thanks
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